This evening I have had a go with breaking with tradition.

The last few times I have had occasion to have night out by myself in London I have taken myself of to Morito and have sat by myself hunched up by the bar watching the food being cooked and then eating the same.

This evening I had children to meet and they were coming in from disparate parts so for one reason or other we found ourselves down by Brindisa in Borough Market.

I have always been disposed to the the place because the the once and only time we have been there before there was a table that had over ordered as a result of which there was a plate of good and expensive ham going spare. We were offered it and took it off their hands gratefully.

There were no free plates of ham on hand tonight but we still managed to fill ourselves with plenty with more ham, black rice with squid, lamb chops with tomato and potatoes, sea bass, octopus and a grand plate of potatas bravas.

Replete we settled ourselves with a glass of Pacharan before the children left into the night.

There was a wistfulness about the leaving of them as they were clearly  quite old enough now to take themselves off into the night of London without any help I could offer.

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