So it appears the highlight of this particular Saturday came at about 3.00 in the afternoon as I found myself sorting through the sock drawer of the 19 year old son.

Since he went to University there has been a pile of his odd socks next to the ironing board.

This afternoon the garden didn’t look too inviting with all the wind, rain and hail so I thought as second best I would give his socks a go.

In the back of my mind there was an expectation that there might be a stash of illicit material at the back of the drawer. Sadly there wasn’t and all I had to contend with was a further pile of odd socks none of which seemed to match the pile that had been languishing by the ironing board.

I made the best of a bad job and just squeezed all the socks into the drawer figuring out that he probably had most of the matching pairs with him in London.

Lunch was a small lump of fillet steak being sold cheap for being past it’s use by date.

I fried the steak off in a pan with a drop of oil. As it cooked I toasted a couple of pieces of good bread. Once the steak was done I splashed it with some hot chilli sauce and a dash of sherry vinegar.

The toast was put on a white plate. Watercress salad was piled on top with sliced onions. The steak was cut into thin strips and placed on top of the watercress with all its juices.

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