A second hand Noma

Just over three years ago I wrote about a second hand storm in Ahakista. The weather brought a large part of the beach, seaweed and stone, onto the lawn and there were stories of the waves coming in over the pier and the the spray blotting out the lights. I wasn’t there for so had to imagine the force of it tucked up at home in Birkenhead. Fortunately The Cottage stayed dry.

This last weekend I have had to endure on a second hand basis a meal being had in one of the best, if not the best, restaurants in the world.

The eldest daughter was in Copenhagen for the weekend and I suspect more by luck than design had manage to book a table  at Noma for lunch on Saturday, a week or so before it closes for good.

Over the course of Saturday afternoon we were treated to a stream of photographs showing the food they were eating.

There was something slightly cruel with how they kept popping up as I worked in the kitchen to make rice to stuff into peppers. At least they didn’t have roast chicken as good as the one I ate later on that Saturday evening.


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