Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday seemed like a good excuse to make some incursions into the stock of freekah I bought last week in Oxford. Although we were there for less than a day I found time to scoot out to the Cowley Road and a small Moroccan shop that has an ability to stock the ingredients that I read about but can’t buy elsewhere.

I was tempted to cook a very large lump of lamb but knew that if I did that I would also have to make a suitably grand dish for the vegetarians so I decided to cook salmon instead.

I was able to pick up two good fillets from Wards on Saturday morning cut from the same fish.

Sunday morning there was a brief pomegranate crisis when it became apparent that those I had bought on Saturday morning were passed their use by date. All was solved with a quick dash down to The International Store.

The freekah was boiled for fifteen minutes and then mixed with a combination of chopped blanched almonds, barberries and pomegranate seeds.

New potatoes were boiled.

The sides of salmon were slathered in a mixture of good olive oil, lemon zest, turmeric and pepper. It only took twenty minutes to cook in a hot oven.

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