Almost making a night of it in Paris

Forty six hours in Paris now seems like an awful long time ago but looking back we seemed to have slipped in quite a lot for the brief time we were there. A couple of us almost went out for a night on the town before good sense prevailed and we realised that if we left it too late there would be no-one to let us back in to our apartment.

Breakfast both mornings was croissants, black coffee and fresh orange juice in good cafes. Some of the lustre was taken off the second cafe when we realised that the croissants were being brought over from a place across the road – maybe we should have gone there instead.

For our one full night there, Tuesday, there had been some posturing over who was going to have pick at where we went to eat for the evening. We both had our choices but I lost out on account of being too slow to get a table booked.

Although it wasn’t my pick the meal was very good – haddock ceviche, then breast of of duck and a plate of Brilliant-Savarin cheese flavoured with black truffle. The place was quiet and our waiter clearly enjoyed having us there – so much so he treated us all to a small glass of sweet apple liquor.

Afterwards we walked up the steps to the Sacre Coeur where a lone busker played Ed Sheerin songs surrounded by a coterie of foreign language students who slightly bizarrely thought this was all part of soaking up the atmosphere. Outside the church tall men offered us drugs for sale. Some of us got on so well with them they got a hug to say good night.

As we walked back to the apartment we passed a good looking bar on a corner. The doors and windows were open and it was filled with red light and the sound of good music.

The only son and I decided it was to early to be going to bed so we found a table in the bar by one of its open windows and started to work our way through the various beers they had on tap. Behind the bat they didn’t seem too bothered about us paying for our drinks and the music carried on being good and as we finished our third glass of beer we thought about another but as I have said already good sense prevailed.

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