Dinner party

There was half an hour for some art this afternoon whilst the youngest daughter took herself off into the wilds of Birkenhead to buy tights.

The art came courtesy of The Williamson Art Gallery.

It is easy to drive past and hardly notice it is there and just as easy to turn right into the car park and spend some lost time walking through its galleries.

On the moment they are showing an exhibition of Liverpool artists centred around a painting called Dinner Party (22 people and me). The painting features a number of well known Liverpool artists from the time including Adrien Henri and Maurice Cockrill – it has centre stand and around it are paintings, sculpture and other art from the people featured in the picture.

if you have an hour to lose in Birkenhead it is well worth the time.

Back at home I stirred at the garden with my big toe and spent an hour or so cooking Vietnamese food. All it was missing was a dinner party to eat it in – and a grape.

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