A fore rib of beef

It was the second Saturday of the month yesterday so with some inevitability I made may way down to New Ferry over the morning to invest in some good food at Wirral Farmer’s Market.

There was a threat the sun was going to continue shining for the day so I planned on a BBQ. I was in search of a large slab of meat to go on it and I found the perfect candidate in a large fore-rib of beef. It was big enough for four people and was just going to feed me but whatever was left over would do for sandwiches.

It needed no more preparation than to be rubbed with olive oil, salt and pepper.

It took about half an hour to cook. I turned over half way through and once it was off the grill I left it for ten minutes to rest.

Earlier in the afternoon I had grubbed up half this years garlic. It is now drying on a hook in the celler. There were a couple of cloves that came loose as I pulled the bulbs out of the soil.

One of those was chopped and mixed with some roast potatoes.

And very good it all was too!


We listened to Perfume Genius.

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