Clearing CD’s from the turntable and listening to Bob Dylan

Second day back in the office sat behind my desk, in a day or so’s time we will be taking the tree down and I am still waiting for the cobwebs to clear. All day looking at the bits of widow I can see through the weather has been dark and oppressive, although it has not been raining, the colour has not really gone beyond grey. Lunch was stale bread and stilton cheese and this evening’s supper was the reheated curry from New Year’s Day.

But the good news is that I spent time this evening clearing the clutter of CD’s from around the turntable and have been playing some proper records. Most of my albums are in the attic where some of them are in some sort of vague alphabetical order, the rest are in various rooms and corners round the house in no particular order at all with there being a large pile on the floor near the turntable.

So this evening we have been listening to the soundtrack to Once Upon a Time in America, Scary Monsters, Super Creeps and Young Americans by David Bowie, the first Lynyrd Skynyrd album (both sides – air guitar to Freebird) and finishing the evening now with Bob Dylan and Highway 51 Revisited. I am not a huge Dylan fan but most of his albums are in the house somewhere including Down on the Farm and the live one he did with The Grateful Dead, a large number of them bought on the back of a throwaway comment from Nick Cave in an interview on the merits of bad Bob Dylan albums.

Listening now to the wired electricity of Tombstone Blues I am not sure we are going to be listening to much else over the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Clearing CD’s from the turntable and listening to Bob Dylan

  1. …for me day 3 in the studio and coincidentally Bob Dylon’s ‘4th time around’ got mixed between ‘Leopard skin pill-box hat’ and the classic ‘you’ve got my number (why Don’t you use it)’ by the Undertones. Dinner well underway – baked potatoes, goulash and a few glasses of red wine. Walking the dog later if you care to join…R

      • Sadly the english beer supply is dwindling too fast and is on strict rationing. Still enjoying the odd Alfa, a fine pilsner beer from Limburg. We should plan a trip to the brewery next time you over to do a little tasting. Now that Alexa has her driving license we could make a day trip! Monty’s already at hockey practice this morning – so it was an early start for me while Annemarie sleeps in.
        Heading over to the nursery later this morning to order 6 more trees – 4 Malus and 2 liquid amber. This unusually mild weather is hinting at Spring. A false dawn no doubt.

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