Drinking a large bottle of Corsendonk

Listening to weird folk and drinking a large bottle of Corsendonk. A drink last sampled late at night in the Gollem Bar, Amsterdam. It might have been the last glass of that that sent me over the edge. in any event one or the other should give rise to some interesting dreams. Unlike last night when the interesting dream at 3.00 in the morning turned out to be the sift sound of the cat sleeping snoring under the bed. It was a gentler snore to that which I am generally used to so I was able to turn over and go back to sleep only to be woken up an hour or so later by the same cat who had obviously had enough of my snoring and was waving its tail in my face. These things don’t normally happen!

The Corsendonk is delicious and was found in a dark corner of cellar. It came in its own tin   swaddled in paper and straw. I might have been saving it for something but there is always a danger with that you end up not drinking it at all. It is a dark Belgium beer with lots of burnt coffee/chocolate flavours. As I am getting towards the end of the bottle I am going to have to start savouring it as it will be a while before I am able to get some again.

Follow the link to their website for a short film and nice pictures. Somewhere else in the cellar I have one of the proper chalice shaped Corsendonk glasses to drink it out of. It is brewed in Turnhout which is just down the road from my sister in Eindhoven so next time I am there I may have to visit.

Well the last of the bottle has been poured into the glass and soon it will be time for bed.

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