Birds in the garden and potato croquettes

Yesterday afternoon I spent half an hour outside sawing logs for the fire. After cutting my way through a particularly thick log I paused for breathe and looked back at the garden. As I did so a goldcrest flew across the pond into the branches of the yew tree that overlooks it. The goldcrest paused there for a second then flew into the buddleia. As it did so it seemed to tumble in the air, halting then flying on again. I think it had been intending to fly down to the pond for a drink before being spooked on seeing me standing there.

The birds in the garden are waking up to the imminent spring. I saw two blue tits inspecting a hole in the wall as a spot for a nest. They nested there a few years ago although they were spotted by a cat before who would then sit on the top of the wall waiting to swing a paw in the split second they flew out of the hole.

In the garden this morning the birds singing was almost overwhelming. There seemed to be noise coming from each corner as if the change in the light was recharging them.

Last night I had only the two girls to feed so I made them potato croquettes. Five large potatoes cooked in their skins and allowed to cool. They were then peeled and mashed and mixed with a good few handfuls of grated cheese and an egg with a seasoning of salt and pepper. I rolled them into a short squat sausage shape and these were then covered with flour, dipped into a beaten egg and then breadcrumbs before being deep fried.

I allowed the oil to get too hot so they started to burn on the outside before being cooked to a volcanic heat inside but the girls still ate them up with a tin of Heinz Baked Beans.

There were a few left for a snack later this afternoon.

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