Mark J. Mulcahy, this is why I love you

Amongst the stray submarines, black beards and mackerel on here there has not been much time for music over the last few weeks. So this evening I offer some small amends.

So far it has been a good year for music both for bands seen, records bought and listened to and things to look forward to.

Music seen has included Neil Young & Crazy Horse at the NEC and a twenty minute feedback extravaganza and some poor lost soul shouting out “Play some proper songs!’ There has also been King Creosote, Dexy’s, Josh Rouse, James Yorkston, Pictish Trail and last night it was Lambchop. All without having to make a trip to Manchester. There is still good stuff to come including John Grant and The National.

Highlight of records bought have included Phosphorescent, The National, Ty Segall, Matthew E. White and Thee Oh Sees. Thee Oh Sees are particularly recommended for those who like the idea of loud surf guitar and Interstellar Overdrive all played as one.

We have also had the new record by Mark Mulcahy and I am listening to it now. I wrote a few nights ago about the things that might stop the clicking of a watch.Songs can do that.

Mark Mulcahy used to be in a band called Miracle Legion and they made one of those records, Surprise Surprise, that are now impossible to find except through odd corners of the internet. You may be able to download it all somewhere. There is a song on it call All For the Best. It stops time for me and someone has made a cracking video to go with it. Watch this and then go out and buy Mark Mulcahy’s new CD and then track down the CD of people singing his songs called Ciao My Shining Star and see if you can get a bit of time to stand still for a while.

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