Getting over Grant Hart

So after the Grant Hart excitement over breakfast I had a message from Harvest Sun to tell me that the tour had been pulled and Grant Hart would not be playing in Liverpool. So up and down in a day.

To cheer myself up I bought a new piece of BBQ equipment from The International Store, a metal rack for cooking fish in. It may need some modification to expand it so it can take a large fish.

I then bought two large Grey Mullet from Wards.

In Ahakista if you stand on the pier you can see Grey Mullet cruising the water in packs of four or five. They are scavengers picking on the shreds of mackerel and crab that have not been taken by the gulls. ‘Living in shit and eating shit.’ They are difficult to catch with a hook because they have soft lips so that even if you hook them their lips will split and they will be free.

Wards get them from Anglesey where they are a by product of them catching Sea Bass. They are cheaper and far better value than Sea Bass and great for the BBQ.

The metal grill was just about big enough to hold them. Before they went on I stuffed them with slices of lemon and fennel.

The metal rack was too big for the BBQ and the heat was too hot when I put the fish on to cook. As a result I could not put the lid down properly and the fish cooked too quickly. Luckily they have thick skins so they weren’t too burnt.

We ate them with a green bean salad, roasted peppers, salad from the garden and new potatoes.

We listened to Phosphorescent and his bleached out guitars.

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