Another Saturday at The Farmer’s Market

There was another Farmer’s Market today in New Ferry and for the first time in about two years I didn’t buy a free range chicken for Sunday lunch. I felt guilty about it and had to keep away from the stall in case I caught the eye of the man behind it and I felt obliged to buy one.

Instead of chicken we, or at least two of us, are going to have a smallish piece of roast beef for lunch. And this afternoon I managed to find in the garden a rather thin and gnarled piece of horseradish root to have with it.

I managed to resist the temptation to buy a great rib of beef which might have been a bit too much for just two greedy mouths. I also resisted the temptation to buy myself an ox heart to roast. It was only £2.00 and would keep me in sandwiches for the next two weeks but I was almost spent out by the time I saw it.

I did buy some bread sticks, a large breast of lamb, various sausage rolls and tarts (for lunch), cheese and two pheasants. I only needed the one pheasant but at £6.00 each and two for £8.00 it seemed silly not to take the second one as well. It is in the freezer.

I am having the pheasant this evening. It has been browned in butter and onions, a chopped quince has been added together with a half bottle of cider. It is bubbling away in the oven. I will have it with a couple of sliced fried potatoes and some good red wine.


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