Guilty pleasures and more from Morito

Everyone needs a few guilty pleasures in their life.

Mine include Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the very occasional bit ELO. On the food front I find that it is difficult to go wrong with a tin of Heinz Baked Beans and sometimes my eye will be caught by a Pot Noodle and nothing will be right again until I have it home with me and I am stirring it together with a fork.

This afternoon I was at the till and getting ready to pay at Sainsbury’s. The food was loaded on the conveyor and I was suddenly taken with the thought that there was no point buying a pack of pitta bread without having some bright pink taramasalata to go with it. So I had to rush back to the aisles to find a plastic carton.

I had it as soon as I got home. Toasting a piece of pitta, slicing it up still warm and then dipping each piece into the pink salty goo.

I followed that with another pitta stuffed with some of the lamb kebab left over from last night, slathered with yogurt and chilli sauce.

The marinade for the lamb kebabs came from the new Morito cookbook, it was just squashed garlic, cumin and oil. I sliced up some green peppers to go on the wooden sticks next to the pieces of lamb.

We ate it with an onion salad, made by roasting the onions on the barbeque and then sliding them out of their burnt skins and mixing them up with pomegranate seeds and olive oil and mint, and a tabbouleh made mostly with parsley, fried potatoes and quail’s eggs.


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