Well rotted cheese



My mother occasionally worries about the stuff that I am able to find at the back of my fridge. it is lucky she is away on the moment as she would have gone into a complete spin over the well rotted cheese I found there today. It was a Durrus cheese bought in Ireland when we were there at Easter. It had come out for a party in the middle of May and had not been eaten. I thought it would keep in the basement for a few days but it had started to develop some flecks of blue mould so it went into the fridge.

I found it this morning and we had it for lunch.

I sliced off the blue rind of mould and once it had gone was left with a lump of creamy pale yellow cheese. This was sliced up as the grill went on to heat up.

Bread from Thursday’s delivery from the Bread Circle was sliced and toasted on one side. As they were done they turned over and the cheese laid out on top. Some of the bread had pieces of ham as well.

We ate it outside with Branston pickle and a glass of pale summer ale/

1 thought on “Well rotted cheese

  1. Our favourite courgette flower recipe in Oz was to form a production line in the kitchen – I had previously beaten some not too strong blue cheese (Tasmanian something) with a splash or two of single cream and couple of mashed anchovies and Tim was at the start of the line and became expert at filling each flower with a couple of spoonfuls and then delicately twisting the petals to close passing this onto Owain who carefully dusted it with flour and onto Sarah who dipped it into a yummy light tempura batter then onto me who fried it in light oil, drained on kitchen paper and then it was free for all who could grab them first. Usually Tom or Anya of course, difficult to keep pace or to keep up with demand! Definitely one of my favourite things to eat. We went to a wedding in Perugia where the were served as canapés in a palazzo garden, being made there and then. Fab. Flowers will be coming in abundance in this hot weather. Watching a bit of the Open golf – has little Eye disappeared completely in the storms? Love to all Gill

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