Courgette flowers again

Summer must be here as there are courgette flowers to be had from the veg patch.

The courgettes themselves are still a bit small but give them a week or so and they will be taking over and I will be scouring books for new ways to cook them. in the meantime I can munch on the flowers – a special treat at the end of the garden.


We finished off the roast chicken this evening. It was better cold, the eat pulled from the bones and chopped into bite sized chunks mixed up with the jellied juices from the bottom of the cooking pan. We ate it with salad and tomatoes mixed with toasted pitta bread and a dressing of pomegranate and oil and finished off with a handful of nasturtium flowers and sumac – don’t forget the sumac. The kids avoided the flowers and salad and just ate the toasted pitta.


Listening to Let It Bleed.

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