Back together around the Christmas Tree

The house is back together again and all of a sudden it feels as if we are on a more even keel.

I was sent out this morning to pick up the Christmas tree and I used as an opportunity to slip into The Farmer’s Market.

In a week or so’s time I will be drubbing up all the horseradish from the garden so this was an opportunity to acquire a large lump of beef to go with it.

I managed to avoid the temptation to buy myself a double rib and let the nice people behind the counter cut in half for me. It looked god enough to eat then and there. Some of us will have it for lunch tomorrow.

Driving across the Wirral the sun was in my eyes and the hills of North Wales hung low in the distance. Coming back I was struck by how the great cathedrals of Liverpool loom over the landscape.

We had pizza again this evening and it was a lesson in how these things come in differently. Last time i made pizza it was the best I ever had had. I tried to do it all the same this evening and it wasn’t quite as good. The dough was just not quite chewy enough.


It still went down okay and the Christmas Tree is up and in the background we are listening to Perfume Genius.

After all that it was strange to find a picture of Carbery Island for sale.


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