Hot weather

We didn’t see the man for three clear days after that, here, in the pub. We saw him around alright but it was another day before he was out on the water. They must of had their breakfast and taken their fill and he’d decided he’d had enough of the mackerel. The boat stayed tied up by the small bit of pier they had there and standing up here we could see the family at play.

It took them some time to come out. It was one of those days when the sun came here for the keeping and there was not a movement in the air or anything there to blemish the sky and under your feet the grass starts to crisp up and dry. The day was still in the heat and the whole of the thing slowed down and if you had a mind for it you’d think it was worthwhile spending a winter here for a day like that.

You can watch whole days play out from up here. Take a pint in your hand and there is enough of a view to take in through the window the pier and three or four houses. It may be a bit like watching ants but you can take in enough of their movement to see what they are doing.

And so we could see their black figures come out in the sun and they all walked down to were the water started and we could see them sit down to look at it as if they had not seen water before.

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