Getting back to the Sheep’s Head Food Company – a property

So even before I get to start on my list of eight top tips to come out of Sunday’s course I have had a tweet telling me about a property in Oxton that has some sort of potential as a cheese cave.

I drove past on the way back from work this evening in a heavy wind with gobs of rain blowing me along so I didn’t really have a chance to see what I was looking at but I will give it a better go tomorrow and maybe put a call through to see if I can have a look around it.

God knows what  I will do if it is anything like suitable!

Ten years ago I went so far as to start looking at properties and even found one that was halfway towards being something that could have been worked with. It was an old garage which for reasons obscure had become a ship chandler. There was space and a wide double door giving access to a covered yard to the rear. But it was a hundred yards out of the way and riddled with asbestos and expense and so it went onto the pile of things to dream and the forget about.

Now that it has been remembered the things I need to think about are:-

1. How to go about getting all the good Irish Cheese back to Birkenhead;

2. Finding somewhere to sell it from;

3. And are there enough people in Birkenhead who can be persuaded to buy the good Irish Cheese.

Those three things and the eight pointers I took down from the weekend.

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