More pinchos at Roja Pinchos

We went on a pub crawl last night and ended up in Roja Pinchos for the third weekend running. Next time we will have to try and make it to one of their Sunday lunches when they will give you a glass of Cava and as many pinchos as you can eat all for £15.00.

The only disappointment was the lack of black pudding croquettes – but we did have the mushrooms with quails eggs. A small round of toast covered in cooked mushrooms and topped with a perfectly fried miniature quail’s egg. I had a few of those along with pieces of steak with a cauliflower puree and the balls of cheese rolled in pistachio nuts.

Before the pinchos we had a pint in The Lion Tavern on Moorfields and then two pints in the very fine Ship & Mitre.

After the pinchos we crossed Berry Street and headed for The Grapes. We lost count of the pints in there but there was good music and dancing with strangers until we staggered out into the night and into a taxi and then back home to bed far too late.

It is probably a good thing there no photos of the dancing.


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