Hunkering down at home


This time last year, Good Friday morning, we woke up in Ahakista having driven the way across Ireland overnight arriving at 5.00 in the morning as the fishermen were turning in at the pier for their days work. We tumbled into bed for a few hours and then woke up with the sun out and the view across the bay to Owen Island. Some of us made the trip over to Bantry Market to stock up on bacon and cheese and fish for the evening meal. We were there for the week.

This year we are staying in Birkenhead and it seems that everyone we know, friend and family, has gone away for the Easter weekend so this family of five is going to have to hunker down and be by itself at home for a few days.

I have plans that involve the planting of seeds and the making of more beer. The family does not seem to think that this will make for an interesting weekend.

We shall have to see if we are all talking to each other come Monday evening.


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