Assembling a salad

At the start of the summer it is always a good idea to pick on a salad that will be the default salad for next few months. The one you know that will be good and will go well with whatever might have been thrown on the barbeque.

In previous years it has been a chickpea salad and a roast aubergine salad. This year we seem to going for a Turkish chopped from the Morito cookbook.

It is a mixture of cucumber, radishes, cherry tomatoes and red onion all chopped up into small chunks and stirred together with some finely chopped parsley, mint and rocket. The seasoning comes from half a dozen pickled Turkish peppers, a squashed clove of garlic, lemon juice and olive oil.

We had it on Thursday night and we are having it again tonight with lamb chops cooked on the barbeque, yogurt and flat bread.

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