Two bits of good news

There have been two bits of goods news coming from the cellar.

The first, and most important given the weeks ahead, is that the barrel of beer has developed a good head. This morning it looked flat and un-inspired but by the time I was home for the evening the yeast and slight heat had done its work and there was a thick creamy head and a smell of bread being kneaded and full impression given that sugar was being converted into alcohol.

The second bit of good news was finding a partridge. I knew there was one  down there but it took three good furtles through the chest freezer until I found it. I had wrapped it up well. Along the way I came across two frozen rabbits that had ben down there for far longer than the partridge, a couple of pigs feet waiting for use and a bag full of sloes.

I had the partridge this evening.

A couple of potatoes were peeled and sliced into rounds before being fried in hot oil in a pan. I had a couple of small quinces left over from a friend’s garden and they were peeled and chopped up and added to the potatoes with plenty of salt and pepper. The pan then went into a hot oven whilst a kids tea of noodles and chicken was cooked, eaten and dispensed with.

A single whole partridge was then rested on top of the potatoes and put back into the oven for 40 minutes.

It came out well – the mild gamey flavour of the partridge against the crisp salt of the potatoes and the hint of autumn sweetness from the quince. I ate it listening to dodgy early 1990’s US new wave from a band called Lotion.  They were almost as good as the partridge.

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