Early garlic

About  ten years ago I pulled up some wild garlic that are in the orchard by the Cottage in Ireland and brought it back over here to put in a bed on the left hand side of the garden. Most years it comes up some time in a March – a profusion of green stems and leaves with a few white headed flowers smelling of garlic.

I could catch a smell of it this afternoon. The warm weather had caught it early along with with the bluebells and daffodils.

They are all pushing themselves up eager for a bit of sun and heat and we are all sitting here waiting for a bit of proper col;d, some cold to take us back to the bone.

For food we had a small tribute back to the lunch some of us had had in Maray on Friday – cauliflower in good sauce, lamb chops with garlic, carrots with feta and roasted sweet potato. Although there were two of us working in the kitchen it all came out without too many bad smiles.

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