The start of this years asparagus

So it is most years around the first week in May I find myself putting the same question into Google “Why does eating asparagus make your wee smell like that?!?”

Forty five minutes this morning were spent on a bike dawdling along the promenade from the Seacombe Ferry Terminal to New Brighton. If I had been doing it properly – like the people I passed dolled up in lycra, helmets and sun-glasses I might have broken a sweat. But my bike is covered in rust and I would not suit lycra – so I took it slowly pausing to take photos of Liverpool looming in the distance.

Back at Seacombe I pushed the bike into the back of the car and made my way to Wards to buy some different fish and a goose egg. As I walked through Birkenhead I remembered that there had been a fat John Dory sat on on the ice. Unfortunately they didn’t have any this week and the goose eggs had sold out. So I came away with half a dozen duck eggs and two slips of sole caught from the Dee.

I then made the trip over to Claremont  to pick up a couple of bunches of the first of this years asparagus. We had them for lunch with scrambled duck eggs.



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