Watching The Gories

I have spent my day walking round thinking on just how magnificent a band The Gories were last night. Here are a few thoughts:-

  • they were playing downstairs in The Magnet all dim red lights and curved seating.
  • there was a lot about them that sounded like the most raucous and unhinged garage band you could hope for.
  • two of them played guitar and there was a drummer. She wore sunglasses as did one of the guitarists.
  • he was Mick Collins and had some difficulty in getting through the gig without the top of his head hitting the ceiling.
  • they were sugar shit sharp.
  • I don’t know who works in Probe but they were all there last night.
  • it was the closest I have been for 20 years to stepping into the mosh pit. The last time I had done that was watching Rocket from the Crypt.
  • I would quite happily have stood there another hour or so to watch them doing it all over again.
  • for a while the man stood in front of me developed a blue halo over his bald patch.



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