Chicken and rice

Last week when I made a bowl of chicken and noodles I had been meaning to make something else. I knew that somewhere I had a recipe for Chicken and rice. I managed to convince myself it was in the David Thompson book of thai street food and I spent 10 minutes  leafing through the book to try and find it. I became suspicious that although it was only chicken and rice it had somehow managed to hide itself behind some other ingredient in the index but it was still not there. So I gave up on the chicken and rice and fashioned myself a bowl of noodles instead.

I turned my mind back to the same recipe this morning and picked up the David Thompson book again and as I did so I remembered where it had come from. It was a book of Vietnamese cooking that Rachel gave me a couple of years ago The Songs of Sapa by Luke Nguyen.

One of the best meals we had in Australia two years ago was Vietnamese. It was a basic restaurant on the edge of Chinatown in Sydney serving no alcohol so I had to go to the pub round the corner to get my beer. There was confusion over the menu and in my enthusiasm I started to assume that the first food that arrived was mine and managed to eat Andrea’s vegetable stuffed rice noodle rolls. They were delicious, as were the quails and plain boiled rice that eventually arrived or me. An enduring and proper mixture of the sweet, sour and pungent.

The chicken and rice was almost as simple to make as the chicken and noodles. A large pan was put on the stove and oil added. A whole chicken was thrown in together with a chopped onion, chopped ginger, chopped garlic, the green ends of some spring onions and seasoning. The seasoning being a good dash of sugar, a tablespoon of prawn paste and a teaspoon of tamarind  pulp. Water was added to cover the chicken and it was all brought to the boil then turned down to simmer for 45 minutes until the chicken was cooked through.

The chicken was fished out of its pot and put somewhere to be kept warm. The flavousome stock was drain and the pot back on the stove with a dash of oil in which I cooked off some finely chopped ginger and garlc. Once that was sizzling I tipped the rice in and stirred that through. The stock was poured back in and brought to a good simmer until the rice was cooked.

Shortly before the rice was done I pulled the meat off the chicken.

Once the rice was done it all went into a large bowl and the shredded chicken put on top to be decorated with a few chopped spring onions, red pepper and coriander.

This evening I have been reading the music magazines and their end of year round ups. No mention of Andrew Bird which until Dexy’s was my album of the year. We have just listened to it again and I don’t think I am wrong. Better than Leonard Cohen & Jack White anyway.

1 thought on “Chicken and rice

  1. Love the yarn about chicken – and the music is on now added to my long list. Very happy and uplifting sound indeed.

    I really like the link between food and music – adds depth.

    Sun blazing into the kitchen on a ‘free Friday morning’ in Waalre. no GRO today. A perfect morning with still the weekend ahead… Heading off to the nursery to buy a few trees for the garden. Longing for the Spring to see the results of my purchases and planting decisions!

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