Fifty snowdrops

Last year Dad gave me 50 snowdrop bulbs to plant in the garden. I planted them under the three apple trees that run along the wall on the right hand side looking out. I had expected that they might have been showing themselves a few weeks ago and when there was nothing there I thought that maybe they were a bad lot. But they were out today, five clear white bells.

Out in the garden it felt as if the weather had shrugged its shoulders and decided to give the beginning of Spring a go. It was dry and light. I have written elsewhere about the comfort to be taken as the days draw in for winter, the clocks go back and there is a warmth found rather than the dead beat of the sun. But now it is late afternoon and still light and the trees are still in the back of the garden.

Maybe it was the eighteenth birthday party last night but there is a sense of time moving on. The seasons turnover, another Winter done and Spring still to come.

The chicken is about done now and it is starting to go dark. Time to eat.

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