Lamb burgers

It is a Friday night and youngest daughter is the only company at home. She has pizza and is sat in front of the television  She cannot be tempted by lamb, mint, chilli and garlic burgers wrapped in flat bread and covered in salad, chilli sauce and yogurt. She will not know what she is missing.

I think I have now worked out the secret of a good burger. The first thing to do is make sure that you add some breadcrumbs. The second, and important part, is to add your flavourings as you make your breadcumbs. So this evening the mint, garlic and chilli went into the chute of the Magimix as the blade went round pulverising the stale bread. This way the flavourings are half mixed in before you start to get your hands dirty.

Cooking them on the barbeque helps as well, just as night falls.

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