The sun is out again this morning and it is threatening to be another hot day. Walking down the garden and fighting my way through the growth in the veg patch it seems a shame, in some ways, that we are going away next week end for two weeks.

After months of looking as if they were going to fade away the six courgette plants have gone bonkers. There are dozens flowers and courgettes most of which will be ready next week. We will be able to have some before we go but most of them will be turning into watery monsters whilst we are away.

Behind the courgettes and up next to the greenhouse a great bank of nasturtiums have grown up from the seeds that were deposited last year. They have taken over the salads that were planted in that bed. I know that I should clear them away and plant something we can eat but they look so good and the flowers will brighten up the salad we will be eating this evening.

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