Chicken with beer

One of the reasons why I make a trip once a month down to New Ferry and The Wirral Farmer’s Market is to get myself another one of the good organic/free range chickens with giblets that are sold from the stall on the right just as you walk in.

The chickens are good however you cook them but there is some pressure to do something different every month or so. This evening I thought it right to shove a can of beer up its backside and see what happened.

I knew that there was a recipe in a Jaimie Oliver book that I had seen and after that it all seemed like an application of common sense.

This meant meant making up a rub of salt, pepper, cumin, coriander and paprika, all ground down to a fine powder and rubbed well into the bird. That was all left for a couple of hours.

Later I lit the BBQ and drank one third of a can of beer to set the bird up. It was all very finely balanced  and as always with a chicken there were hark backs to the first half of Erashead.

Having got that done it was left for an hour and a half. As promised it was beautifully moist and all touched with the taste of beer. I was able to resist the temptation to swill out the dregs in the bottom of the can.

We ate it with salad and spinach cooked and mixed with yogurt and garlic.

All done listening to The Allman Brothers.

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