Twerking and listening to Big Star

There is a possibility, and this depends on whether the person who was holding the camera will be able to get to grips with the necessary technology, that the world might be able to go on You Tube one day and watch me have a go at twerking to Chic.

I think I got the bending down and shain’ your ass bit down okay but I suspect everything else was wrong. It certainly was not pleasant. Posterity will tell.

Last night we had a houseful of teenagers who decanted to the attic to play loud impenetrable music and drink bucket loads of alcohol and do whatever it is that teenagers do. All things considered they were reasonably well behaved.

The adults and youngest daughter stayed downstairs, listened to loud disco music and tried to outdrink the teenagers from a distance. It didn’t work.

The highlight of the evening, apart from the twerking, was a Vietnamese dish of spicy prawns. Making the prawns involved pulling off their heads and scooping out the orange gunk the lies in the head and mixing that with lemon juice to make a sauce. The prawns were marinaded in fish sauce, garlic, chopped shallots and more sugar. They were then fried for a few minues. The marinade and lemon juice and gunk sauce then went into the pan to make the sauce. Just before serving I stirred in a finely sliced spring onion and shallot. We were licking plates.

Today has been quiet. There were not too many pieces to pick up from last night and the weather has kept us inside.

Out in the garden there are still a few vegetables to be had and this evening I have stirred and chopped some Swiss Chard into a chickpea stew and there is also some kale that has been cooked and is about to be fried with some garlic and raisens. There is a chicken in the oven. It has been slathered in olive oil, red onion, sumac and lemon and is about done.

Big Star are playing in the kitchen. Have I ever mentioned just how good they are.

Happy New Year.

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