A quiet indulgent lunch

Today I have had a quiet indulgent lunch just by myself.

Being the second Saturday of the month The Farmer’s Market has been on in New Ferry. So I was down there buying a chicken for supper tonight and tomorrow night and choosing what to have for lunch. I had been planning on lamb but then I spotted a pack of pigeon breasts, just right for frying quickly and then eating with salad and toast and a sweet/hot dressing. But they were £4.99 which seemed a lot for pigeon breasts so I went with four lamb chops.


I also picked up some primroses to add some colour in the garden for this grey February.

The lamb cooked very quickly.

To start I mashed up some garlic with salt and black cumin in our wooden pestle and mortar.

This mixture was then smeared over the lamb chops together with some olive oil and plenty of pepper.

A frying pan went on the a high heat and more oil was added. As the oil started to smoke I put in the chops shaking the pan as I went. There two long thin green chillies in the fridge so I put those in as well.

I turned the heat down once the chops had started to take on some colour and continued to cook them for another five minutes or so.

To eat I put a large dollop of Greek yogurt on my plate and drank a pint of good beer.

I could have licked the plate.

Listening to more Doug Paisley and getting ready to go out in the wet to plant the primroses.


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