The sound of clanging guitars

Is there any better sound on a Friday evening than a guitar that has been turned up too loud before being shredded through a knackered speaker before being turned up a little louder. If that same guitar is being given over to replicating some dodgy T-Rex riffs then happiness is mine. It doesn’t take much.

As the guitar made too much noise I cooked up a few lamb steaks. I had thought I would be cooking for at least one teenager but it turned they all thought they had better things to do. In the event all the teenage plans turned to nothing and they are now in lock down in their bedrooms complaining of being bored.

In the meantime once the lamb steaks were done I turned then in garlic, chopped red onion and cherry tomatoes. A handful of cooked giant couscous was stirred in together with some rocket before I sat to eat with guitars clanging in the distance.

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