Guilty pleasures

The Eagles have long been a guilty pleasure of sorts that has never extended beyond a couple of songs from Desperado and the knowledge they were mates with Warren Zevon so can’t have been all bad.


When the news came through last week that Glenn Frey had died I had in the back of my mind that somewhere I had a recipe that he had set out for the perfect Texas Chilli. It was in a Christmas present from years back called The Rock’n’roll Cookbook. With the benefit of hindsight I suspect they regret the page given over to Gary Glitter and his recipe for Spaghetti Glitterarti.

It took a while to find the book but it was eventually located on a top shelf. When I found the recipe for Texas Chilli it transpired that it was Don Henley’s as opposed to Glenn Frey’s, which I suspect goes a long way towards summing up The Eagles.



Before eating  the chilli we went for a walk along the beach off The Gunshot at Leasowe.



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