Four days into Port Douglas

The accommodation in Port Douglas has come as a bit of a contrast to where we stayed in Cape Tribulation. There was something institutional about the metal bed and the other furnishing in our brieze block cabin at Cape Tribulation Beach Huts. The kitchen was a couple of chairs, a fridge, a kettle and a couple of hobs that doubled as a dish rack. But we were two minutes walk from a beach bar and three minutes walk from the beach.

In Port Douglas we have not yet been able to find a bar within walking distance and the beach must be all of five minutes walk away but the accommodation is a bit more comfortable. There may be silk involved in the bedsheets and we have a kitchen with a large window that opens out to a garden and pool. There is a selection of knives I can work with.

So far we have walked most of the way up Four Mile Beach and back again, bought a proper hat in the Sunday market, spent a couple of hours walking through the rain forest and walked along a beach in the semi dark for supper and then walked back in the complete dark, after beer, wine and cocktails, hoping to be able find the gap in the trees that would take us back on the path to home.


Tomorrow we swim with crocs

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