Dill, lamb and broad beans

You wouldn’t normally associate dill with anything else but fish but yesterday I came across a lamb stew that used up handfuls of the stuff.

It came from a book on Persian Cookery by Margaret Shaida. It also gave me an opportunity to finish off the turmeric root left over from a few weeks ago.

Onions and garlic (fresh from the garden) were cooked until golden in olive oil. I then grated the turmeric into the pan yellowing my fingers in the process. A pound and half of lamb pieces were then tipped in and stirred around until they took on some colour. It was flavoured with salt and pepper and and then topped off with water and brought to a simmer.

I put on the lid and left it for an hour until the lamb had cooked. An handful of broad beans was then stirred in along with the finely chopped dill.

I then left it for another half hour before eating it with boiled rice.

Listening to Heartworn Highways and the burnt dry eyed Americana of Guy Clark and Townes van Zandt.

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