I should have got out of bed earlier

I went to The Farmer’s Market with the intention of buying myself some quail. I have been thinking about them for the last couple of days. I even had a recipe lined involving  orange juice, grapes and ginger.

Inevitably by the time I got there they had all sold out. That didn’t matter too much as they were selling a brace of partridge for £5.00 but of course they had sold out of those as well. Woodcock were also on the list but those had also all gone.

All that was left was pheasant so I came home with a brace of those to be cooked with apples and cider.

The chicken man was there again. I bought one for the freezer and he promised me he would be back next month for to order a capon to be collected 23 December ready for Christmas Day. The only bit of planning I will allow myself.

Driving way I chewed on an excellent pork and black haggis pie.


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