This morning’s trip to The Farmer’s Market

This mornings journey to New Ferry and The Farmer’s Market ended up being more meat oriented than I had originally intended.

All I really wanted was a piece of steak for lunch and something to throw into a chilli.

I had been planning on making the chilli with lamb but when I got to the butcher’s counter I spotted a sign for mutton. I thought that would go just as well so I asked for some. It transpired they had run out but I was offered some higher instead.

I also picked up some bacon, the steak, a ox heart, two pig’s feet, some lamb’s kidneys and a chicken. So the rest of the family didn’t feel left out I bought two punnets of strawberries.

The fridge is groaning and I am probably another few days closer to an early grave.

The Gories

I know of no better mark of musical quality than the name Alex Chilton.

If you are browsing through a record shop and come acrosss something with his name on it just go ahead and buy it. You will not be disappointed. It may sound scuzzed up and out of sync but it will be the sound of rock’n’roll as it out to be played.

He sold a million records with The Bix Tops and ‘The Letter’ and next to nothing with Big Star – some of the most glorious combinations of The Beatles, The Who and The Stones (with some Kinks as well for good measure) you could hope for.

More years ago than I can remember I was leafing  through the garage section in Probe Records back when they were on Wood Steeet and came across an album by a band called The Gories stamped with the words “produced by Alex Chilton”. Of course I bought it.

The Gories are playing in Liverpool Thursday 13 July. It will be very hot and sweaty. Make sure not to miss it!